Localization upsert


We are using localization codes to show the proper messages. We can add the messages in English, Hindi, and any other language.

Steps to add the localization messages

Import the collection - Localization

Upsert new localization 

  1. State-level SUPERUSER has access to upsert the localization

  2. Use superuser credentials and generate Auth token from Get_access_token API

  3. Use Upsert_new_localization API to push new codes and pass superuser auth token in the request.

  4. Change the tenantId according to environment and city

    1. Module specific - "tenantId": "pg"

    2. Locality specific - "tenantId": "pg.citya" 

  5. Add messages in English or Hindi

    1. For English - "locale": "en_IN"

    2. For Hindi - "locale": "hi_IN"

  6. Add new json inside messages array and post the request (single or bulk codes can be added)


"tenantId": "pg",

    "messages": [



            "message": "Accounting Records",

            "module": "rainmaker-common",

            "locale": "en_IN"




Search messages 

locale and tenantId are mandatory to search localization and we can pass modules in the search param to get module-specific localization messages.


All Rainmaker messages are available in releasekit